Our Facilities:

  • An air-conditioned state of the art theatre known as Caesar Hall is designed to seat at least one thousand one hundred (1,100) persons. This facility is suitable for weddings, reception, birthdays, book launch, product launch/unveiling, album launch, film premiere, anniversaries and a host of other events.


  • Our mini conference hall known as Zebra Hall is suitable for meetings and can sit about hundred (100) persons in attendance.


  • Our state of the art theatre and conference hall are equipped with modern hi-tech sound systems.


  • Our halls are fitted with sixteen toilets. And in addition, we also have a well equipped kitchen.


  • We have a large parking space for traditional open-air events such as installation ceremonies, traditional marriages, etc. This facility can contain over 2,000 persons.


  • We have two large car parks designed to contain 400 to 500 cars.